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A talk you should watch if you want to be an entrepreneur

A talk you should watch if you want to be an entrepreneur

We all love TED and its inspirational videos. Who does not? These quick, easy-digest informative videos mostly contain super high wisdom from leaders and stars of their industries.

This is the talk that every hopeful, driven, focused entrepreneur needs to watch before diving into the American Dream.

Simon Sinek explains so-called “The Golden Circle,” where he illustrates the “why, how and what” of an every organization.

From Simon’s point of view, no any of what and how is merely so important as why.   Once you do identify your true motivation then you could inspire those around you — including your team and your customers.

Once they are firmly believed that and aligned with your why,  then they will eager’8ly work toward the how and what of your organization.

People always respond to a cause, a purpose, a passion, a mission — not a plan.

Start with Why!’


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