Katalatto Asks: What free cybersecurity tools Small Business Owners could use?

Not surprisingly, we often hear about major cyber attacks in the news. We rarely think, however, that we could be victims. Cyber attacks are not an issue only for enormous banks or billion-funded corporations.

Hacks can take many different shapes and forms, from a simple computer virus to a massive data breach — companies are vulnerable to a number of types of cyber attacks.

It is way more possible to happen to your business which could yield huge losses. They are real for small and medium businesses as well.

Here Katalatto Asks what you need to know about cybersecurity and which free cybersecurity tools you could benefit of.


In fact, these 10 free tools cover some of the biggest cybersecurity risks and they don’t cost a dime:





  • Weak Password Finder is a fast, easy way to find weak employee passwords used for email, surfing the web, watching videos, listening to music and more.






Attacks happen and small businesses need to pay close attention to cybersecurity because they are increasingly becoming a point of focus for attackers. In sum, you don’t need to do everything,  just take minimal steps to overcome the attackers.

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